Parent’s Evening Appointments

Hi all,

Unfortunately 1a’s Parent’s Evening Appointment letters didn’t come home to you tonight as planned. Please see the schedule below for your individual appointment times.

3.35pm Christian
3.40pm Louis
3.45pm Irfan
3.50pm McKenzie
3.55pm Irsa
4pm Skye
4.05pm McKenzie
4.10pm Aryyan
4.15pm Fatima
4.20pm Zainab
4.30pm Manahal
5pm Safia
5.05pm Aliza
5.30pm Sahir
6pm Aysha
6.10pm Shahwaiz
6.30pm Zane
6.35pm Subhan
7pm Owais
7.05pm Hannah
7.10pm Molly

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Year 1 have had a fantastic visit to Eureka Childrens Museum in Halifax. We walked to Rochdale train station ( Mr. McGeary set a brisk pace!) We were early and had a 15 minute wait but it was worth it. The train journey was super. We met a ticket inspector called Simon who gave us lots of information about the train.

Eureka! was fabulous. The weather was so good that we were able to play outdoors and have a picnic. Inside, there was so much to see and do. Mrs. Jolley enjoyed sitting on a millon pounds! Tere were a lot of weary but happy people on the return journey and I am pleased to say that the behaviovour of the children was OUTSTANDING!. We took lots of pictures which we hope to share with you soon.

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Science week

We are ├é┬áinvestigating ways to inflate a balloon without blowing into it. There has been lots of nteresting questions and observations so far. Our main investigation involves yeast, bottles & balloons! We’ll let you know how we gt on

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Test week!

We have had a fantastic week. All class 1a have worked really hard. We are looking forward to Science week-lots of fun investigations planned.

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Class 1a are rockin’ around the clock!

In class 1a we are learning all about time.

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My First Blog!

Welcome to our blog page. This is the first time I have ever blogged!
smiley face stickers

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